we belong

A true story about being gay in small town America. This short film was later expanded into the PBS documentary OUT IN THE SILENCE. Premiered at Frameline and played on Current TV, where it was a winner of the Seeds of Tolerance competition.

boy in a dress

Singer-songwriter Namoli Brennet had to lose her old gender to find her true voice - but that was just the beginning of her journey.



The love of Frances for her differently abled twin brother Frankie has withstood decades of unnecessary separation and institutionalization. Their reunification is a powerful reminder of the universal need for independence, love and family.

The preacher and the Poet

The words of a bigoted preacher are contrasted with those of an impassioned poet. Winner of the PBS/ITVS online shorts competition.

otros amores

Take to the streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico to hear what people are saying about other forms of love. Winner of the Videomaker National Documentary Challenge.

favela surf dreams

These kids live in one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio, but they love to boogie board!

joy ride

The cool thing about bodyboarding is that you're so close to the waves. Featuring Tom Morey and Mike Stewart.